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As of today Scot FM on-line will receive only essential maintenance updates.  We regret that this is a situation that shall continue until June 1999.

Our 'registered users forum' will also close temporarily, as we require the use of the fixed ISDN6 connection elsewhere.  A proposal to switch to ISDN2 between now and June has proven to be unfeasible.

The discussion board will remain active, simply because it is provided by a third party.  During our downtime we will be unable to moderate or reply to specific questions submitted to the board. will remain open and serve as the official email address for any questions.

Other email addresses you might be interested in are:

Bobi McLennan -
Staff at Scot FM -

Thanks for all the support over the past three years.   It's been fun, and we'll be back in the summer :)

All the best,

The Scot FM webteam