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   The Help section is still in development.  We shall await your feedback about problems encountered with the site - which shouldn't be many, as it is still under construction.

Why do some of the hyperlinks not work? The site is still very much under construction.  Much of the content is being developed off-line.  As content is completed, it shall be uploaded - and the hyperlink activated.


Why does my browser tell me I have a "script error" when I enter your site ? The site has been designed to take advantage of the latest developments in browser technology.  Some older browsers cannot handle the sophistication of the code being used.

We also make use of Microsoft's VB script, which many Netscape browsers cannot read.  In most cases your browser will ignore this script - but some (including older Internet explorer) browsers may inform you of a script error.  Please ignore this message.


There are "grey" boxes appearing instead of hyperlinks.  Why ? This is an example of where we have used the latest JAVA technology.  Some browsers do not support or run JAVA very well. 

On some occasions an odd box may be greyed out - to correct this "hit the reload/refresh button" on your browser (or press F5 if you are using a PC). 

The HELP hyperlink uses the traditional method so as to enable you to access this page - should be above occur.  

*** To change all hyperlinks to the traditional one's - click here.


   ... and that is as far a the on-line help goes.  Please send us an email if you encounter any problems - and we shall add the solution to this page.  Thanks!