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Scot FM  :  Information

   Welcome to the Scot FM web site.  As you will no doubt have noticed, the site is still very much under construction.  Site content is currenty being developed but shall include "behind the scenes at Scot FM", with presenter profiles, a studio tour and lots of photographs of the station and broadcast equipment - and the boss too!

  Our plans also include various on-line competitions and goodies up for grabs, your feedback on its own web page (available now - send email for details) with new topics for discussion being introduced on a daily basis.  There will also be some "classic clips" and Scot FM jingles via RealAudio, plus lots, lots more on the way soon.  Please send us your feedback and suggestions for the site to

   If you do not have the Real Audio player (version 5), you can download it for free by clicking here!  Please follow links on the Real Audio web page in order to find version 5 of the player - their web site will appear in a new window.  You can test to see if you have the player by clicking on the larger Scot FM logo on the front page - if you hear one of our jingles you're sorted.  Don't bother downloading the player!  To get back to the main page, click on the small Scot FM logo in the top left hand corner.