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    As yet we have no pictures of the studio or broadcast equipment used by Scot FM.  We do however have a screen shot of one of the screens from the main studio computer, as used by the presenters.

   Ever wondered how Gerry, on his Classic Hits Jukebox show, can have the song the caller has just requested on air whilst still talking to the caller ?  No the call isn't prerecorded, although that's what some stations do.  Gerry uses the below screen to select the appropriate piece of music.  He starts to type in the information, as he types the screen scrolls the available songs, elimiating letters until the desired one is found.  He can then see how long the introduction of the song is and the duration of the track.  Sounds good!

A screen shot from the main Scot FM studio computer

  Most of Scot FM's music is held on hard disks, connected to a server.  The audio is compressed and played back at a quality slightly better than that of FM stereo.  The last time I was at Scot FM they had around 57 gigabytes of audio instantly accessible via the RCS computer system - that's around 17,000 songs!  Good eh ?

   Next up is a shot of a screen from a system that is in use in many radio stations, but is not part of the RCS (Radio Computing Services) system as used by Scot FM.  However the screen layout is very similar to the RCS system.  Hopefully we will have an RCS playout screen soon...

On Air Play Out Screen from Tiesseci, GE Inc.

   Lots more about the studio coming soon - when we have some photographs!!!   Wait until you see the big glass box that houses the server and logging equipment - its quite a sight when you walk into reception.